“The very things that make you so intelligently adaptive simultaneously make you vulnerable to self-deceptive, self-destructive behavior.”

(In case you missed it: Summary & Notes for Ep. 12: https://medium.com/@markmulvey/awakening-from-the-meaning-crisis-by-john-vervaeke-ep-ef8d198c78e6)

Ep. 13 — Awakening from the Meaning Crisis —Buddhism and Parasitic Processing [55:01] https://youtu.be/vGB8k7jk1AQ

  • [Highly recommends all of Stephen Batchelor’s books. “The Awakening of the West” specifically deals with how the West misunderstood Buddhist teachings when they were first introduced and interpreted.]
  • Batchelor argues that we’re facing an interpretation crisis when it comes to understanding Buddhist in the West. Two approaches: 1. that you can only interpret Buddhism from within a tradition (which is problematic because it’s myopic and subjective), and 2. that you can only interpret Buddhism from outside a tradition. The former is about transformative relevance, while the latter is about getting at ‘the truth.’ …


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