“It is correct to say there are many categories that we form for which we cannot generate a scientific theory or explanation precisely because those categories are not homogeneous. They don’t have an essence.”


Ep. 30— Awakening from…

“Relevance realization has to be happening both at the feature level and the gestalt level, in a highly integrated, interactive fashion.”


Ep. 29 — Awakening from the Meaning Crisis — Getting to the Depths of Relevance Realization [56:08]…

“You can’t say everything you want to convey. You rely on people reading between the lines. That is actually what this word means. One of the etymologies of ‘intelligence’ is inter-ledger, which means: to read between the lines.


“What’s actually missing in an ill-defined problem is how to formulate the problem. How to zero in on the relevant information and constrain the problem so you can solve it.”


Ep. 27 — Awakening from the Meaning Crisis…

“He’s taking the theological machinery that he sees at work in myth, and integrating it with the philosophical and scientific understanding that is impacting so powerfully on Europe in his time.”


Ep. 24 — Awakening from the Meaning…

“Music and art are going to be understood as giving us access through the imagination to what’s real.”


Ep. 23 — Awakening from the Meaning Crisis — Hegel [55:57] https://youtu.be/Noc1OH0CUBc

  • As we’ve seen, to escape the meaning crisis…

“Descartes did not give us a secure way of being in touch with reality, he gave us an unstable grammar of realness.”


Ep. 22 — Awakening from the Meaning Crisis — Descartes vs. Hobbes [52:47] https://youtu.be/T-e2Z49n2h8

  • Luther and…

“Artificial intelligence is a child of the advent of the meaning crisis and the scientific revolution. It is not a modern idea.”


Ep. 21 — Awakening from the Meaning Crisis — Martin Luther and Descartes [55:53] https://youtu.be/x90XKjhcu4w

  • Martin…

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